Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aaah...now that's good reading

Hi there. It's here--my IKEA 2008 catalog. Eye candy that lowers my blood pressure by just flipping through its pages. Yes, most of the items haven't changed, but I don't care. It's colorful. Happy. Clean. It inspires me to pare down, think creatively and makes me believe my house can be anything I want, even on a budget. And the little walking hobo screw guy on their website? I could watch him all day, he's so cute. My husband said "Aha! Now I know where all the missing screws go." I guess his reputation proceeds him. Poor little guy. I'd run away, too. Find some nice flathead friends...

Monday, August 13, 2007

nice people finish first

It's been ages since I've blogged. I took a little break for personal reasons--things in life seemed to be shaking, cracking and falling apart. But after a rough two weeks and a few good crying sessions (the kind where your diaphram hurts the next day), I feel like poking my head back out of my cave. And what do I find? My dear friend Cheryl nominated me for a nice award! She's such a sweetie..a REAL nice person herself--honest, loyal and romantic. She once made me trudge back through the huge Target parking lot with her because she was UNDER-charged for something (I believe we were both pregnant at the time). She's that good. If anyone could bring me out of my funk, it's her. Thanks, hon!

Now I need to give myself a good, stiff slap across the face and get moving! I'm very excited to be a part of this year's Handmade Parade in Sacramento. It will be filled to the brim with cuteness, must-haves and crafty demos. I can't wait to make new stuffies to go with my wee mice (which are now gone..but they'll be multiplying). I was super-ecstatic-happy to have made the etsy home page over the weekend. Thank you to those kind souls that informed me of such, since weekends are usually spent far away from the computer. The oodles of convos in my inbox should have given me a clue!

Thank you for reading. And I hope you have a great day, wherever you are.