Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stocking up for Fall...

Handmade Parade was a great time. The weather was so perfectly Fall--not too hot or cold--with the light settling down so beautifully on all of us. Claire--you rock! What a great event! I was a little panicked because I, uh, thought it was on Sunday not Saturday--a very spacey mom-moment. My life is full of them these days. But I had a few hours to get my act together and a wonderful hubby to pick up the slack at home. My girls *adored* the stamp demo and came home with foam stamps and prints...hmm...I'm thinking Fall/Christmas cards. Kids' art is a perfect solution to any crafting dilemma. Thank you, Jen.

I managed to sell some things but have oodles left over for the Get Made Holiday show Nov. 10. It will be the perfect place to put a dent in your holiday shopping. All kinds of crafty and live music. Stop by!

I've been working on cards to accompany my sewn items at my upcoming shows. Up until now, I've only had a few selections in my goody-goody shop (it's pitiful!) but I busted out the lino cutter and got down to business. It feels good to switch gears every once and a while. Above are my little tags, all lined up and ready to be packaged. So cute, so quiet, so obedient. The perfect children...

I have been wanting to put up a picture of my studio space (space meaning the 4X6' area I carved out of the toy room) but it's never looking Martha. I give up--here it is in all it's crafting glory. As you can tell, I'm very good at making fabric stacks. Putting together yummy sandwiches to be turned into dollies, bags, scarves, aprons and the like. Sometimes I just stack them for no reason other than to look at them. Yes, I am that odd. When people come to visit, they refuse to stay in this room for fear an avalanche of fabric will fall on them while they sleep. If it were me, I would die happy, the last words from my mouth: "Heather Ross, Denyse Schmidt...Superbuzzy..."

Well, off to do some thrifting. A cup of coffee and a thrift store on a Fall day. Heaven.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Everyone Loves a Parade

Come one, come all! It's going to be such fun. There are going to be great demos and kit classes offered by fellow Craft Mafia gals. We were laughing up a storm at last night's meeting. For two hours, I felt like a giggly, silly high-schooler again. Wish I could bottle that stuff...sometimes being a responsible adult isn't freaking fun. I enjoyed chatting with Melissa, who I probably sat next to in college but didn't know it and the uber-talented Missy who knows my close friend Cheryl. Sometimes this world seems so small and cozy! Pass on the Handmade Parade info and you could win a darling little giveaway from Claire, our wonderful event organizer. I need to go find more batteries for my wireless mouse..sometimes technology can be a drag!

Have a great day, wherever you are.