Thursday, June 28, 2007

yep, i've joined the mafia

The Sacramento Craft Mafia, that is. I joined their group early in June and attended my first show with them this past Sunday. What a hoot! I really enjoyed meeting all the super-nice mafiosas (is that the feminine of mafioso?) and selling some of my goodies. I especially loved watching people come along and touch, hold, feel and explore my treats. Then they would look up, almost ashamed, and say "I'm sorry" like it was a bad thing. I consider it the greatest compliment when people see things I've made and need to hold them. Maybe it's just the proud mama in me, but I love it. And when they would leave and come back, bringing a friend, to show them my stuff--well that made me feel over the moon with joy. Thanks for the luv, ladies. Next show: Stop, Shop and Stroll--see the little pic on the right side and if you're in Sac, stop by and say hi!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

hello again..

Yes, it's me. Did you notice I was gone? Probably not, but that's okay. I've decided to pass through the gates of bloglandia once more! I didn't get my hand stamped last time, so I've begun with a new name, fresh start, and ready to talk about crafting. Boy, there was a day when I *hated* being called crafty. Artsy, talented--anything but crafty. It was a word associated with being less than creative and more with macrame and decorated jelly jar lids. But now, in the midst of the digital age, people are returning to handmade. I started speckled hen almost a year ago..opened up an etsy shop, listed a few items, held my breath, and....yay! things sold. It's been the most amazing experience to make what I want, when I want and sell it, too. I'm still in awe of the leaders of the handmade movement. People who have blogged for ages and inspired newbies like myself to embrace being crafty. Creating, expressing, sharing and being excited by making things has made me a better mom, wife and person in general.

Keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times! Here we go! Wahoo!