Thursday, June 28, 2007

yep, i've joined the mafia

The Sacramento Craft Mafia, that is. I joined their group early in June and attended my first show with them this past Sunday. What a hoot! I really enjoyed meeting all the super-nice mafiosas (is that the feminine of mafioso?) and selling some of my goodies. I especially loved watching people come along and touch, hold, feel and explore my treats. Then they would look up, almost ashamed, and say "I'm sorry" like it was a bad thing. I consider it the greatest compliment when people see things I've made and need to hold them. Maybe it's just the proud mama in me, but I love it. And when they would leave and come back, bringing a friend, to show them my stuff--well that made me feel over the moon with joy. Thanks for the luv, ladies. Next show: Stop, Shop and Stroll--see the little pic on the right side and if you're in Sac, stop by and say hi!


Cheryl said...

Gosh I wish I could have been there!!! Next year, sweetie! We'll celebrate your birthday a hair late and sell your stuff while we sip our drinks and GAB! :)
Love you!

iSew said...

I've been thinking about joining the Pleasanton Craft Mafia. Would you recommend it then? I only moved to the Bay Area in April and I don't know anyone. I thought it would be a good way to meet people at least.