Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Wow, how fast a week goes by. At least I don't have to title my post tgif (again). I'm making a batch of cupcakes from here for my swap tomorrow. Claire has already told us the tasty treats she's bringing. We are going to positively eat ourselves silly. You will find us tomorrow afternoon splayed out on the living room floor with frosting smeared all over our very contented faces. My recipe of choice? Because I'm not in the running (just hosting) the contest for best-tasting and best-decorated, I can reveal it to you. Black bottomed peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I wanted something that was just as bad for you as a peanut butter cup. The dough was essentially peanut butter, brown sugar, cream and butter with a little flower thrown in...ohh lordy, as my Grandmother would say. We'll see how they taste. Right now they're still goopy in the middle even after the recipe said they should be done. Tricky little suckers. I love how you can see me and my purple bathrobe in the bowl. Why, yes, it is almost noon.

Found these little salad/treat sized plates at Ikea last week. On clearance for 50 cents each. They had boxes and boxes of them (and matching bowls, which weren't as cute, in my opinion). Had to resist the urge to buy six or eight...I just got two--one for each of the little sweeties in my life. There's something so fun about having dishes for all the various holidays. I don't remember a Christmas without my mom's Spode or Easters without egg cups filled with tiny jelly beans.

Speaking of egg cups, I nearly peed myself with excitement (you think I'm joking?) when I saw that Alicia had posted her tea towel designs as a free PDF. I love 'em all. I have resisted the urge to print those suckers out and start on them. It would be much more fun than the housecleaning and laundry and mommy-intervention I have to do today.

A sneek peak at some little girl's purses I'll be putting in the shop on Monday. They are really simple, each with a vintage button + elastic closure. Perfect for toting around whatever strikes their fancy. (My little one is currently into rocks. Like, can't pass up any one rock. Takes us twenty minutes to get the oldest to school in the mornings.)

happy saturday
our pleased cat rolls in warmth
on her side, smiling


I AM VERY MARY said...

Those bags are the CUTIEST! And anything with chocolate makes the A-list at my house!

guangming said...

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