Tuesday, March 4, 2008

falling behind...

I haven't posted in March yet? Hmmm. I feel like a big wave is cresting behind me and I'm about to get pummeled. Going out of town and returning to mountains of laundry, crabby/sick-ish kids with busy schedules and a show coming up this weekend make me feel like I will not make it up to the surface for air in time. I know most people are celebrating the beginnings of spring--lots of beautiful pictures and words out there in blogland--but, honestly, I am finding it a bit disorienting. The in-between kills me.

Okay, whining's over. I put a few of my new pendants in the shop last week. Not much action on those or the little purses, so they'll be traveling with me on Saturday. We'll be at the Second Saturday Artist's show at McMartin Realty in Sacto (5-9 p.m.) where I'll be sharing a table with the lovely and talented Amy. I'll be making some good deals to clear the way for new creations. So stop by and say hello! I might even have cupcakes. Now you have no reason to say no.

cold mornings turn to
warm days--all life is hurried,
frantic + pushing forth


Glitter said...

I so want to come!! I hope we cna make it, but we have a shower, birthday party and engagement party that day. Thinking I can come might be reeeeaaaaly wishful thinking on my part.

Tally said...

Hopefully I'll see you there! Can't wait to meet fellow Sacto crafters.

Anonymous said...

I really love those necklaces!!!
I wish we were going to be at the same show this weekend, I'd be snatching. Bring some on Tuesday!