Saturday, March 22, 2008

fiesta hangover

Since when do kids birthdays last a whole week long? With a preschool party, a family party on her "real" birthday and a party at the park yesterday..I'm completely birthday-ed out. Hey, I admit it--I'm a willing participant and planner in all that goes on, but sheesh. When I was a kid, we had a small dinner, cake and the gifts? Painfully practical. One year it was a bathrobe and a hairdryer. Serious.

So, planning a party on a serious time crunch? Cute, festive and simple. Thanks be to Martha for her free printable PDF's and rice crispy cars. (No, it wasn't a global warming/carbon offset birthday theme..the cars just turned out a little big for the platter. Although, they are marshmallow-powered luxury sleds. Totally green.) I saw these cupcake picks on craftpad and was hooked. I stuck those suckers everywhere. Thank god for label sheets. I love you so.

A shout-out to Mary-Ann over at Indie-Pendence for featuring my bunny. He's still snatch him up at my shop. He's a good little bunny who deserves a life outside the rubbermaid under my bed.

I'm off for a next week's tgif quckie will be on Sunday. Yeah, thanks Melissa for being the spoiler. Think lavender. Think panties. The laundry you will actually enjoy doing!


Melissa Haworth said...

sorry--didn't mean to be a spoiler but I'm totally excited for that pattern. I'm going to make a chicklet asap (for tomorrow's easter basket)

Have a fun trip!

speckledhen said...

Aww...I was just teasing you! I think it will be my first with a PDF. Yikes! Can't wait to see your video ones.

beki said...

What is it with kids' parties these days? I never had a fancy party. I was lucky if I got to invite the neighborhood kids over to eat cake and ice cream. Hmph!

I AM VERY MARY said...

I think this makes you a rockin' mama!

Tracey said...

I came over from Blissfully Domestic, and so glad I did! These are some seriously cute things you have going on over here!

I'll be checking back often :-) Happy Wednesday.

Colleen said...

Yay! I am so glad you used the Martha labels as cupcake toppers :) I am so into cupcake toppers these days. I made some fun cowboy & cowgirl ones for my kids party last weekend. I am still recovering from birthdays as well. I am enjoying your site!