Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today's activities and follow me!

These bundles of pure vintage yumminess were put together by Claire and I today for some upcoming shows. We're calling them lollipop stacks. We've done all the work for ya by combing the thrift stores and creating fat quarter stacks and charm packs of our favorite vintage pillowcases and sheets..and whatever else we can get our hands on and hack to bits with a rotary cutter. They're just de-lovely..and we'll have them at Down to Earth April 19th and Bazaar Bizarre May 3-4th.

So, I mentioned a few posts ago about "the change". No, not menopause. No, not the coins in the bottom of my washing machine that seem to be multiplying with every load. But a new name and a new spot for all my jabber. I've been speckled hen for a few years now and although I still love the name, I'm feeling like it's not unique enough. There's a few other blogs out there with "speckled" names and I'd like to stand out a bit. Until now, goody-goody has been used for my card line. But I'm going to take that name now for all my crafted tidbits and blog. My cards will be under the new name Two+Shoes. When I get my butt in gear and make some, that is. There's a sad 1500 lb. letterpress in my garage just beggin' for use.

So, please, for my hump day giveaway, join me tomorrow at my new blog: www.goodygoody.typepad.com. I promise it will be worth your while! I am so thrilled at how many people have been visiting me and saying hello. I really look forward to seeing you over there! Thanks for the support and laughs. You make my day!


Melissa Haworth said...

i took a sneak peek and I love your new banner!

Sacred Snatch said...

I peeked too! hee. Best wishes on your new blog!

Leslie said...

how cool...i have one of those exact same pillowcases in my stash right now. I think i started cutting it make it a purse or something. I love seeing the fabrics i have around on other blogs

Carolyne said...

I just found your blog and...I LOVE IT!

It's a fantastic read! I'm definitely following you over to your new blog! Best wishes!