Saturday, December 22, 2007

...and to all a good night!

We've decorated. We've shopped. We've wrapped. We've baked. We've packaged. We've shipped. We've baked some more for those on our list we forgot. We've been back to the grocery store four times in one day for that "one" missed thing. We've laughed..and cried (don't ever substitute half and half for heavy cream). We've made it.

Now that all the fluff is pretty much taken care of, I have had some time to think about how amazingly blessed I am. In a year that has given all of us quite a ride--devastating blows and little miracles, I am so thankful for this moment of peace that overwhelms me. I hope that peace finds us all in our quieter moments in the next weeks as we take count of what this year has meant. And look forward to whatever lies ahead.

happy holidays to you all..
see you in the new year

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