Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome, 2008!

Hi there..and Happy New Year to you all! We had a pretty unexciting New Year's Eve thanks to an all-encompassing round of the barking cough and cold. I could tell where my kids were in Ikea today based on the pitch and frequency of their coughing. Truth be told, I checked them into Smalland to contaminate other kids. I know, I'm horrible. I told them to cough in their elbows--at least give me credit for that. Please tell me that you had some swinging good times last night so I can live vicariously through you. Seriously. I am 33 and I already feel like my swinging days are waaay over. The problem is, I never really started. Good girl syndrome.

I am so excited about 2008, although I'm not really sure why. New beginnings, a blank slate, a chance to become a better person, wife and mother. Letting myself off the hook more. Stop swearing--or at least in front of the kiddos. To not hold everyone up to my crazy neurotic, borderline OCD standards (which I really don't follow myself--I just complain and whine about things, mostly). To make more friends. To listen and not judge. To cook more. To attack with spontaneous hugs. To appreciate what I have. What are yours?

I'm trying to put Christmas away, but some people (uh..I mean, animals that think they're people) seem to not want to see the tree skirt back in the box. Oh well, I'll give it up until tomorrow. Wasn't it yesterday that we were setting up?

Wishing you all the best for your blank slates..thanks for reading.

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