Thursday, December 13, 2007


I realize that us Californians are quite whiny...with our wildfires and earthquakes. And the past few days have been cold. I mean COLD. Crack your knuckles open cold. We're a big group of itchy, scaly, shriveled-up whiners. The only ones that don't seem to mind are the birds. It's a constant parade at the bird feeder. I love getting up in the morning, holding my coffee and watching them go at it. So busy and neurotic--all without caffeine. Nature's miracles.

Three little hedgies have come to visit my shop this morning. The last few were snatched up and I got some new fabrics in the mail...a good a reason to make more if I've ever heard one. The blue one looks like a tiny, delicious tea cake. Yum. I'm trying to wrap up my holiday orders, then moving on to family gifts and THEN I'm switching gears to do some painting. Really..I swear. Just as soon as I make a gadzillion cookies to distribute, the world's cutest log-cabin gingerbread house, gnocci to freeze for Christmas and two twirly skirts for two twirly girls. Oh, and single-handedly drink all the cranberry cordial that's steeping in the fridge. It's mine..all mine.

Cranberry Cordial
1 big 1.5L bottle cheap white wine (chablis, sauvignon blanc, anything will do)
1 package fresh or frozen cranberries (about 2-3 cups)
2-3 C. sugar, depending on how sweet you like it

Pulse cranberries in food processor. Add wine, berries and sugar to pitcher or carafe. Let steep 5-7 days, stirring every once and while. You may want to taste it periodically, too--for me that's about 4:30 every day. We start happy hour early around here. Cheers!

forgot to mention to STRAIN the cordial before serving (unless you like chewing your drinks)..

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Claire said...

YUM! I am gonna have to try that when I get better, Can't yet because a cocktail of cordial, vicodin and benadryl really isn't very good for you...