Monday, December 10, 2007

Sister Dollies

"Hey, is that my headband?"
"No. Your's is on your head. Duh."
"You totally copied me. Take it off."
"No way! I had it on first!"
"Whatever. You're jut jealous because my skirt is cuter than yours."
"Hey, don't touch me."
"I'm not touching you..not touching you..not touching you."

When I saw the clothespin dolls in Melissa's shop, I tried to snatch one up but she had already sold them all! Boo-hoo. So do I give up? No. I corner her over a bowl of chili at Claire's house and won't let her leave until she's made two of them for me--in the likenesses of my little girls. They found them this morning, sticking feet-first out of their advent calendar. You can find her kits to make your own in her shop (if she hasn't sold out of those, too). They have wonderful bendy arms--perfect for acting out fight scenes. We have a lot of those around here.


Claire said...

Oh my gosh, That was the best fight scene EVER.

I had a blast last night, can't wait for a replay at your place!

Melissa Haworth said...

I'm going to pretend they're DANCING in their twirly skirts. They couldn't be fighting :) Glad your girls like them.