Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my new keyboard

Last week my keyboard died. Specifically, the letters a,s,d,f and j,k,l (you know, the ones your fingers rest on and you use the most). I thought it was very cruel of my computer and I think it got secret joy out of me trying in vain to punch on those keys (I won't tell you how long I tried. It's rather embarrassing.) My solution? New computer! Yes, I'm impulsive like that. My hubby gave me his usual who-is-this-crazy-woman-and-why-did-I-marry-her look and sent me a link to this keyboard instead. It's felt! It's washable! Freakin' adorkable. Check out the plastic bag laptop carrier and USB bracelet, too. Unfortunately they're still in development. Right now I'll settle for the scavenged iMac keyboard from the kids' computer. All the letters work--at least until my computer decides otherwise.

(a haiku..for you)

cold drippy tuesday
but at least it's not monday.
i'm in my jammies, and you?


Glitter said...

oh yeah, we are workin that jammies. Poor Lily isn't feeling well, so she is working on a marathon nap. Hopefully she'll still sleep tonight!

Melissa Haworth said...

wet tuesday at work
flew from portland this morning
coffee required