Monday, January 21, 2008

Quick Getaway

As land-locked dwellers, we frequently find ourselves drawn to the ocean. Our favorite spot is the area around Pt. Reyes where farmlands and grazing cows greet us on our trip to the sea. It's a beautiful journey--grassy marshes lead you to the dunes and gusty beaches. I was saddened to see how much trash had washed up from the winter storms--specifically plastic. It strengthened my resolve to get more plastic out of our lives. It's hard to explain to a six year-old why all that junk is in the ocean. I recommend reading "Plastic Ocean" by Susan Casey in the compilation book The Best American Science and Nature Writing, edited by Richard Preston, if you need that extra push to start thinking about where plastic goes after the trash can. Twelve powerful pages that will make your stomach turn.

Back home, my mind is floating with thoughts of aprons + matching potholders for Valentine's Day. Pretty large projects for someone who's used to making teeny tiny hedgehogs. I've got fabric piled up on the floor, ready to go. It's just easier to make a cup of tea and disappear into blogland instead.

happy weekend, wherever you are.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a lovely place!
I'm green with envy.