Monday, January 28, 2008


I was lucky enough to leave town yesterday without kids--surprisingly, no alarms or sirens went off as I left the Central Valley for the City. I was invited to attend the SF gift show with my pal Deborah who owns the sweet shop, Bower Bird. She thought it would be fun and inspirational..and boy-oh-boy. Think three football fields filled with vendors of all kinds. You had your cutesy, your indie, your vintage and your flea market imports. And your $9 tiny spinach salad. I woke this morning with a crampy back, not realizing how far I must have walked in my flat-arched (but sooo cute) shoes. It was a blast, followed up by a yummy Spanish dinner complete with Flamenco dancers. On our way back to the car the wind was gusting, rain was spitting and we nearly forgot where we parked. It felt like quite the adventure for someone who usually functions in kid-centered, predictable suburbia. Now if I could only bend over.

Some of my favorite booths were Tinsel Trading Company (been lovin' their website for years), Flowiestyle (wonderful screen-printed yummies) , FluffyCo (wanted one of everything) and Joli Jewelry (think six year-old in a candy store).

I came home with some vintage buttons, teensy doilies, glass hearts and bunches of business cards from people ranging from tiny start-up to mega ribbon corporations. I went to bed dizzy with ideas and possibilities. Because, that's what keeps us going, isn't it? The chance to create and the excitement of what's next.

the sun is shining
clean, clear, blue freshly washed air
open the door wide


SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hello Lauren
I visit your wonderful blog often.I so enjoy your creations!
Guess what,You've been tagged. If you've already been tagged or do not wish to participate, please know that it's entirely fine not to do this. But I picked people that I would like to know more about, so tag you're it! Please list five things about yourself & then tag five other friends.
Blessings To You,Sherrie

I AM VERY MARY said...

Sweet! I wouldn't been in heaven!

Cheryl said...

OH how fun! I'm jealous! :) What a great time you had! Big Hugs! cheryl :)