Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines, three day weekends + more!

I hope you all had an especially sweet Valentine's Day. I made two little purses for my girls and tucked in a small box of Jelly Bellys for each of them. I had an ulterior motive--next to chocolate, they are my favorite candies. And since the hub graced me with a pound of See's, I have the best of both worlds! Or worst, if you have a sweet tooth and no will power like myself. I'm debating taping the chocolate box shut until after dinner.

It's Friday! Three days! So full of possibilities! It tempts me to write a to-do list, but then I realized there are really too many things *to-do*. Blah. That's no fun. So I am making a "little joy" list for the weekend instead:

Enjoy an entire cup of coffee in one sitting (I usually wander off and forget it some where)
Go for a drive in my happy lemon convertible
Watch a sunset
Read a magazine cover to cover
Make something with my girls
Kick this cold once and for all

There we go. That seems pretty reasonable, no?

Today is the last day to submit your entry in the pillowcase challenge! My entry is below--a handy little re-usable shopping bag. The hub gave it a trial run at the local co-op (how great is that--my man shopping with a floral pillowcase bag!?) and it got a thumbs-up. I will post a tut/pattern here soon.

Have a great weekend!

patterns of life
spawned by habit, broken up
by dappled sunlight


missyballance said...

OMG! That is so cute! I would use it for EVERYTHING! not just groceries.

Peptogirl said...

I love it! So cute!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

That is the cutest bag. So clever!

Tracey said...

Did you ever get around to posting a tutorial/pattern for this? I NEED one of these...but first I need a super cute vintage pillowcase like the one you used.

Lovin' your blog girl!

Karyn said...

I've been searching for ideas to use up my rather large collection of vintage pillowcases that I've accumulated when I stumbled upon your tote!

I'm completely in love with it. You mentioned in this post that you would be posting a tutorial for it but I can't seem to find it. I apologize if it's here and I've missed it somewhere.

Did you ever post the tutorial?

guangming said...

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