Monday, July 16, 2007

mondo etsy update

I had a blast on Sat. selling my wares along side some very talented members of the Sac Craft Mafia but I was left with a motherload of goods. I'm not sure why I find it necessary to make SO much stuff for each show..I suppose I like to have choices and assume everyone else does, too. So, if you're inclined, please visit my etsy shop to see them. I lowered my prices a smidgen to encourage some adoptions, too. Once again, I'm finding it hard to take decent pictures, especially when there's a lot of white. These came out with a blue cast to them but I can deal. It's cute stuff. Trust me.

And yowzah! thanks to my buddy Cheryl for showing my stuff in her blog not once, but twice in one week! Her shop has the cutest vintage pattern for felt kid's purses...gotta make me (uh, I mean, my daughters) some of those. She just started her blog a week ago and she's already posting the pants off me. Go girl!

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