Thursday, January 3, 2008


The weather persons have been talking about this upcoming series of western storms (that brings up an image of clouds wearing cowboy hats..but my mind wanders..) for an entire week. Each evening, hubby and I would sit down to watch the local 11 o'clock pseudo-news (one of our lamer hobbies, but there's nothing like a good laugh before bed). They kept reporting on a storm that wasn't HERE yet. Sending the poor junior reporter lackeys into the streets to talk about how it MIGHT be flooded once it starts to rain in TWO days. One poor soul drew the short straw and had to go stand in the pitch dark riverbed and demonstrate how high the water level might get. I can just picture him twisting his ankle among the river rocks, ruining his best suit and dress shoes. Poor guy. It's almost as entertaining as watching them bring the snow report from the same spot just above snowline. It goes something like this: "Hey, it's snowing. It's white. It's cold. My job sucks." So worth staying up for. Now it is actually raining.

Thursday's mission: striped tights. Saw them somewhere with cute red clogs. But every time I look online, my search results are mostly "clown supplies". What does that say about me? If I was one of those gifted knitter types, I could just whip up my own. But I'm not. I am going to give crocheting another try with this and this. I might suck, but I'll have super cute supplies. Part of my problem is I'm left-handed. Which usually means there's this tiny convoluted footnote at the bottom on how to do it if you are a lefty. Another (larger) problem is my complete inability to comprehend things spatially. I usually have to have my hubby translate patterns for me..I can't wrap my brain around them sometimes. That's true love--sitting down late at night to calmly explain instructions to your hysterical wife who can't figure out how to make a friggin' purse.

We are currently enjoying this CD in constant rotation. Thanks, Auntie B. If you're a child of the 80's, then you will know these songs by heart. I wanted to change my name to Interplanet Janet. Or Mary Poppins. It was a tie. I've made an effort to work some SR phrases into my daily life. Telling my three year old to "unpack her adjectives" and randomly shouting "interjections!" is fun. If "Three Is A Magic Number" doesn't make you get your groove on, then you need to have your groove examined. Hm, that sounds uncomfortable.

happy thursday. crafting is to come soon. really.


Melissa Haworth said...

man, you are on a blogging ROLL! New banner and everything. Hopefully the storm of the century won't knock out your power, I'm enjoying your frequent posts (although it'll probably knock out my power and I won't be able to read them)

anna said...

I knew I loved you for a reason. i have that cd and LOVE it. I actually have the version with cool indie-ish late 90s bands coving the songs. It is one of my very faves.


ps @*&#%^^% blogger! I can't swith accounts from my moms (who was using my computer) without losing what I wrote and starting over. I a, too lazy to do that, but not to lazy to bitch about it (which is taking twice as long as it would have to change and re-write. Figure thatone out)

guangming said...

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