Saturday, January 5, 2008

That storm was a-rocking..

And it came knocking in the wee hours on Friday. Wowsa. I was mesmerized by it all at our front window. Trash, umbrellas, our Christmas tree, small dogs--all flying down the street. Okay, there weren't any dogs but I swear that wind could've taken your Chihuahua into the next county. Do they make teensy-tiny leg weights? My littlest almost soared into the sky in a parking lot, umbrella inside out. It was all very exciting and a little scary at the same time. Why don't we get to name our West Coast storms a la hurricanes in the East? This one should have been "Hammer" (as in MC "I'm gonna knock you out" Hammer). Our DSL went out briefly when the power started flickering. I took that as a sign to turn the computer off for the day. I hope that everyone who had to go somewhere made it back safe and sound and my heart goes out to those who may still be without power.

I had the chance to finish up a few projects that had disappeared to the bottom of my WIP basket. I thought I wouldn't see them again but low and behold, I pulled them out sucked it up and just DID it. The bibs are linen on the front and contrasting cottons on the back. Simple seam binding for the ties. I had about 10 started (which is usually the main problem--I try to do too many at once and get overwhelmed) and have finished four. I know linen may be sooo 2007 but I still love it for it's simplicity and feel. Melissa makes some beautiful raw-edged linen bibsters. I think they may be in the new book she's featured in.

Here are a few pics (taken with a dying camera in-between storms).
Happy Saturday.
Stay safe and dry wherever you are!


Cheryl said...

Lovin' those bibs, Miss Lauren! And wow...we heard about that storm up there...we had a very watered-down version down here. I am up and running FINALLY after 3 weeks without phone/internet. Was hearing phantom "pings" of emails landing in my inbox for the first few days without the computer. And you think I'm kidding??? :) But just as I was getting used to life without my computer, AT&T finally came through for us. So I'm writing this in my NEW STUDIO! Eeekkkk!!! So fun. Let's chat soon on that other piece of technology that we have nearly abandoned...we need a good long one. Miss you, Sweets. Love, Cheryl

Melissa Haworth said...

I LOVE your embroidered bibs--those are awesome. And who cares if linen is 2007. BTW, they picked the non-linen bib for the book (which I have on hold at Borders to go see today!)

Claire said...

I am so in love with those!